I don’t know how to manage clutter at home. Every time I try to do it, I feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the sheer volume of stuff that needs to be tackled, which makes the whole process very slow. It takes many, many rounds over months sometimes. Is this exhaustion normal? Does energy get depleted during the process of decluttering?

Padma Sharma, Gurugram

What is clutter? It’s the tendency to hold on to energy and it stems from a deep feeling of insecurity. Therefore, it becomes vital to manage clutter so that your energy levels remain high. Clutter is one of the biggest energy blocks.

How to manage clutter

Clutter is stagnant energy, and when you are decluttering, you are dealing with a negative charge. Hence, if you have ensured a steady supply of positive energy to counter that negative charge, there is every chance that you will feel depleted when trying to manage clutter at home. And clutter is not just physical clutter. You also process mental, emotional, spiritual, and digital clutter. A combination of all this increases the negative charge. And negative energy is heavy, overbearing, and induces lethargy. That’s why any attempt to manage clutter affects our mood quickly.

If you notice, the clutter inevitably returns after a fortnight or so despite spending hours trying to declutter and manage clutter in all your storage spaces. Familiar? Well, that’s because clutter is not just a habit: it’s a subconscious program that instructs you to hoard, hold back, and not let go.

As a result, even if you spend hours trying to manage clutter, you will not be able to overcome your hoarding habit unless you change that inner program. That process takes anywhere between 21 to 90 days.

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To clear negative charges, you need to equip yourself with some additional doses of positive charges. Remember, depending on the state and heaviness of the clutter, it is likely to drain you. You can counter it by simultaneously filling yourself with positive energy which makes the process of managing energy easier.

5 powerful tips to manage clutter

Step 1: When you sit down to declutter, don’t do it all at once. Break it down into parts. For example, if it’s a cupboard that you are decluttering, you can do two shelves at a time.

Step 2: Give yourself a timeframe to complete that part. For instance, gauge how much time it will take to manage the clutter in that storage space. By allotting a time for the task, you are making it finite. This will ensure your energy is not wasted.

Step 3: Next, put on music. Let the sun come in. Sunlight is a source of positive energy and allowing it to fill the room, will help you counter the negative energy that you will encounter when you try to manage your clutter.

Step 4: Spray the room with some freshener. Or light up some essential oils in a dispenser.

Step 5: Put on music. The sound vibrations will keep the energy in the room in a state of motion. This, again, will beat the heavy negative energy that will have inevitably pull the energy down.

All these are the positive charges I spoke about. This will act as a support system and strengthen your aura when you manage your clutter. When you do this, the whole process will go smoothly without you getting drained. Clutter is energy and needs to be managed for you to live well.

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