We believe in the
power of collaboration

Our Mission

Create a million Energy Genies

Energy Genies are empowered individuals who embrace life the “energy way,” seeing every facet of existence through the lens of physics chemistry and mathematics.

They look beyond religion and faith, and see everything in terms of vibrations and frequencies.

It’s not just about skills; it’s about creating a life that resonates with purpose and abundance, of being able to find your ikigai and living life to the fullest

Our Purpose

Teach the science of spirituality

At the heart of our mission is a simple belief: Mastering your energy is the key to unlocking incredible communication skills. 

Our courses and services will provide you with the tools to transform your communication and showcase your thoughts most effectively. 

Become a thought leader, writer, content creator, and author, and create opportunities for six-figure incomes and live the good life.

Be part of the Energenie Ecosystem

Embark on a self-discovery journey with fellow energy-seekers. Join our forum where intuitive energy exploration thrives among like-minded individuals. Together, let’s embrace complexity for personal growth and healing.

R Sridhar profile picture

Hi, I'm Sridhar

I am a Personal Energy Coach, Consulting Editor, and Founder of Energenie Academy. It's a pleasure to extend a warm welcome to my space!

Our work so far

Our journey includes offline and online workshops, offsites, corporate workshops, student newspapers, volunteering, donations, and loads of fun!







35 yrs


Our Services

PEM session at BARC

PEM Workshops

Powerful, transformative self-development workshops for individuals, corporates, teachers and students
R Sridhar Nalanda

Personal Coaching

Highly customised 1:1 coaching in energy and media for personal and professional growth with Sridhar
Personal Energy Management workshop with Activity High School

Student Mentoring

Industry mentors for students to train them in real-world skills that will provide a headstart in their careers.

Our Community Outreach Programmes

Connect-Ticket meeting

Since the past 23 years, we have been involved in providing support services, facilitating donations to hospitals and care centres, and harnessing the power of group prayers for those in need. We do this through the Connect-Ticket group that collaborators within the Energenie Ecosystem helped set up in 2001.

Our Collaborators

We believe in the power of collaborations to bring about effective change. Many amazing achievers are part of the Energenie Ecosystem.

Chithra Sridhar
Chithra Sridhar Vedanta Student | Trainer and coach

Chithra is an Advanced Vedanta student, coach and trainer, whose compassionate nature gets hordes flocking to her for advice.

Payal Talwar
Payal Talwar Founder, Eufloria | Bach Flower Practitioner

Payal brings in loads of empathy and deep involvement in her patients' concerns, and providing solutions that bring about a quick turnaround in their situations.

Suhana Bhatia
Suhana Bhatia Founder, Write in Light | Television Scriptwriter

Suhana's charming personality and helpful nature equips her with skills to help many on the healing path.

Natasha Sinha Blogger, Nature & Animal Communicator

Apart from being voted as among India's top-10 bloggers, her intuitive skills helps her to communicate with flora, fauna birds and animals.

Dipesh Tank
Dipesh Tank Founder, Youth For People

Noted activist, do-gooder and change-maker, Dipesh, is one of a kind. His amazing energy and persistence has saved the lives of innumerable people.

Sridevi Jayanti
Sridevi Jayanti Vice-President (Fraud Risk Advisory), HSBC

Sridevi quietly goes out of her way to use her amazing friends in her network to repeatedly help people come out of difficult situations.

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.


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