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Sridhar’s books provide you with insights, tips and techniques to understand the mysterious and fascinating world of energy 

Personal Energy Management Kindle Ebook


Beginner’s Guide

Personal Energy Management

Discover powerful ways to effectively manage stress, improve your health, boost your energy levels and live a fulfilled life. 

Connect-Ticket book



This is a magical book that has been ‘programmed’ to answer any question in your mind. Just think of your question, randomly open a page in this book and you will invariably land on a passage that will it. Use this book as a guide! This book is available only on personal request. Contact us for a copy.

Our Happy Readers!

I want to thank Amazon for providing such a good book. It is for those who believe in science and want self-improvement to achieve more in life. This book convinced me about the relationship between science and spirituality, though I was initially sceptical. The author has very vast knowledge, and I liked this line in the book a lot: "Remember, there are only two truths in this world ‒ one is you breathe and the other is you will die. Death is not under your control, but breathing definitely is. It is up to you to decide how correctly you want to breathe." This book is very unique, and it is hard to find a book of this genre.
Rahul Gupta
Verified Kindle Customer
Sridhar takes the reader along with his book’s characters on an illuminating and conversational journey to understand the concepts of energy and personal energy management.
Nilesh Talele
Kindle Verified Customer
Sridhar has explained causes and effect of energy precisely with solutions. I strongly recommend this book to get to know about your existence and to balance things in life via frequency.​
Vaishali Goyal
Kindle Verified Customer
This book is amazing! I have learned about how to shape my inner thoughts so as to get a better view of the outer world and make the best use of the resources available for us to use.
Kindle Verified Customer
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