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R Sridhar

What is the meaning of energy exchange?

Pushpa Pandey, Patiala

The Universe always exists in a state of balance. For every give, there is a take. Since we are interdependent on each other, there is a constant give and take of energy between you and your surrounding – be it people, animals, plants, land, nature et al. So, if you are taking, you need to consciously give also. This intuitive give and take of energy which is to the satisfaction of both parties, is called energy exchange.

How should we improve the energy in our home?

Kartik Subbu, Chennai

happy family

The energy of a home depends on a host of factors – the land on which it is built, the colours of the walls, the bonhomie among the family members, the amount of sunlight and air in the house, level of greenery, the way the altar has been arranged and managed, and many more. The energy that is generated permeates every part of the home. An energy-sensitive person can easily pick these vibes. 

Can PEM help to improve my financial status?

Vaidehi Parte, Mumbai


We work hard and yearn for more money. However, what mattes is what is your relationship with money. We describe money in various terms isn’t it? ‘The root of all evil’. ‘Filthy rich’. Or do you look at money with greed. Or do you see it just as an energy that don’t own; you are just a caretaker. Your approach towards money will determine how that form of energy comes into your life. 

I feel so drained of energy. Is there a way to fix it?

Samanta McCoy, New Jersey


Yes, of course! You are a product of nature. You are electromagnetic just like the earth. The five elements of the earth – air, fire, water, earth and space – can be harnessed to get your energy back. Do this simple exercise: Walk on wet grass every day for about an hour. This technique is called grounding and does wonders to reduce inflammation and increase our energy levels instantly. 

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