How do you
pulsate and vibe?

Welcome to the Personal Energy Management (PEM)® hub where our courses have been designed to guide you on the energy path, introducing you to newer concepts as you walk along.

What kind of energy manager are you?

Throughout the day, we take energy from the world around us and likewise, we give off energy as well. If you were to do an energy audit, what will your energy balance sheet look like? Will you be in energy debit or energy credit?

girl looking upset

Poor Energy Manager

Negative scarcity mindset: Views resources as limited, leading to dissatisfaction.
Critical and complaining: Often finds faults without appreciation.
Holds grudges and blames others: Avoids personal responsibility.
Reactive and lacks awareness: Fails to see the bigger picture.
Entitled and judgmental: Exhibits repulsive behavior, fearing change.

Girl enjoying herself

Good Energy Manager

Positive abundance mindset: Embraces opportunities and abundance.
Centred and calm presence: Projects tranquility and stability.
Takes responsibility and forgives: Owns mistakes and offers forgiveness.
Sees the big picture: Understands context and reacts calmly.
Embraces change and exudes resonance: Welcomes change and influences positively.

We are both, positive and negative

We always have shades of both categories at different times of the day. The goal is to move from LOWER FREQUENCIES to HIGHER VIBRATIONS and consistently stay there.

Personal Energy Management Courses

Energy is a subject that cannot be learnt in one workshop or course. It’s a journey – what we call the energy journey. The knowledge unravels itself as you walk the path, learning from nature, people, and experiences you go though in life. We have created courses for every stage of your journey – from beginner to advanced – that will help you understand and navigate this exciting field.


Energy is best understood in a community

Embark on a journey of personal energy exploration with our supportive community at Energenie Academy. Our Free Module offers access to lively forums where therapists, healers, and seekers share insights and experiences, enriching understanding and fostering connections. Join us in this exciting journey of growth and discovery!

Starting point of the energy journey

This workshop welcomes individuals curious about energy’s influence on daily life. Whether intrigued by its impact on mood, health, or interactions, all are invited to explore. No prior experience needed—join us in unraveling the mysteries of energy in a supportive environment. Through engaging discussions, we demystify its concept and empower participants to recognize its significance. Whether new to the topic or seeking deeper understanding, our workshop offers a space for growth and discovery.

Free Energy Toolkit

This Toolkit comprises exercises to gauge, monitor and protect your energy.

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FREE 90-minute PEM Webinar

Join this enriching 90-minute webinar on Personal Energy Management which will conducted by Energenie Academy founder, R Sridhar. Learn 6 powerful techniques and get your myriad questions answered.

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Join The Exclusive PEM Community

The Personal Energy Management community is a vibrant WhatsApp Group where members discuss only about energy and help each other on the path.

Be Part Of Connect-Ticket

Connect-Ticket (CT) is a wonderful group of do-gooders from across the world, who support each other as family . They harness the power of group energy to bring about healing.


These are designed to help you understand your Inner and Outer World, and simultaneously equip you with powerful energy assessing techniques.

It will transform your life. Guaranteed.


Attended by over 10000 participants, this Masterclass has enough to get you apprised with the basics of Personal Energy Management. Highly interactive, loaded with magical exercises, packed with information and high on energy, this Masterclass is done both in offline or online formats.

The art and science of clutter management


We continuously pulsate with everything around us, and that includes our home. One of the biggest energy blocks is physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and digital clutter. We all declutter but the clutter finds its way back in 15 days! This workshop will teach you secret techniques to train your mind and space to prevent clutter from returning so that you can live a liberated life.

A magical tool to gauge energy


Once you have understood your inner and outer worlds, you will find it extremely useful to learn a technique that can help you gauge energy levels in and around you. Pendulum dowsing is no mumbo-jumbo. It’s a traditional technique based on physics, and when you learn it correctly, it is a remarkable tool that can help you throughout life.


If you’ve already breezed through levels 1 and 2 of our workshop and you’re hungry for more, then this option is calling your name! 

Deep-dive into the world of energy

Welcome to the Advanced Personal Energy Management Course which will make you an Energy Genie! Embark on a transformative journey to unravel the intricate dynamics of energy within ourselves and the world around us. This is what you will receive:

Duration: 21 days
Mode: Classroom learning
Features: Live sessions, screencasts, podcasts, theory, notes, examinations, tests.
Audience size: Limited.


The art and science of clutter management

Now that you’ve already got a solid foundation, you may want to dive even deeper into the fascinating world of energy. Think of it like upgrading from the kiddie pool to the deep end of the pool – you’re ready to explore the subtle nuances and intricacies that lie beneath the surface. We’ll take you on a journey where you’ll uncover hidden gems and unlock new insights that will truly elevate your understanding of energy. So, if you’re itching to expand your knowledge and take your energy mastery to the next level, then this option is the perfect fit for you! Let’s dive in and explore the depths together!

21 days, 21 techniques

Comprehensive Exploration: Over 21 sessions, delve deep into 21 PEM techniques meticulously designed to enlighten and empower you on your quest for self-discovery and mastery.

Dynamic Learning Experience: Engage in live sessions, immersive screencasts, and insightful podcasts, providing a multifaceted understanding that transcends conventional boundaries.

Immersive Learning: Facilitated by Sridhar, actively engage with knowledge through tests, comprehensive notes, personal analysis, and powerful exercises.

At the end of the course, you would have reset and recalibrated yourself and will no longer see yourself and the world around you with the same perspective.

Tales of Transformation

From increased confidence, maintaining a sense of equilibrium when dealing with difficult situations and being able to speak up for yourself to become strong and independent – participants of Personal Energy Management workshops have experienced it all. Here are three of them:

Payal Talwar

Write a letter to your unborn child

PAYAL TALWAR, Founder – Eufloria, talks about her experience with Personal Energy Management and how it helped answer some questions of a deeply personal nature. It helped her confront, and resolve some deep-seated emotional issues 

Mousumi Saha Biswas

My Yin-Yang energy needed care

MOUSUMI SAHA BISWAS, Associate Partner, BBSR, underwent a Total Energy Makeover course and didn’t realise she had so many emotions locked up. Her release from that stagnant energy opened her up to a newfound calmness.

Sudha Ramaswamy

How I healed post a dacoity

SUDHA RAMASWAMY, Journalist and Writer, recovered after a traumatic experience in Nigeria where 10 armed robbers robbed her. She narrates how the healing powers of energy from the Connect-Ticket group helped her recover.


A few words of appreciation from participants who have transformed their energy

Ishita Moitra
Ishita Moitra Filmfare award-winning scriptwriter

This workshop has truly been a gift that just keeps giving. I found it insightful, engaging, and easy to follow, Sridhar’s energy management techniques are a blessing in today’s post pandemic world. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to understand energy.

Sarika Ravindran
Sarika Ravindran Journalist, Singer

If you're looking at a starter life program on how to reorient your thinking towards success, relationships or if you seek to elevate the quality of your thought to become a better, more self actualised, creative person, this program is for you to explore and experience.

Esha Mookerji Dutta
Esha Mookhejee-Dutta Writer, Artist

The decluttering workshop was deeply insightful, and a very enlightening and productive journey, as we understood the science behind the decluttering activity, before diving into the processes and the shift in perspective required to undertake such a project.

Shweta Shukla
Shweta Shukla Human Resources Business Partner, Mastercard

Personal Energy Management is a wonderful energy awareness and management workshop. The exercises and tools given during the course increase self-reflection and awareness and encourage participation to explore and experiment to learn about energy.

If you know how to manage your energies well, success in whatever you do will come naturally to you.


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