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Hey there! Seeking a personalised journey? Dive deep into energy mastery with Sridhar as your guide. It's like having your own private tutor, focused solely on your growth. 

Your Personal Energy Tutor

Sridhar has over three decades of experience in practising and teaching both, journalism and Personal Energy Management®. He is uniquely placed to guide you on your self-discovery path. Whether you’re a beginner seeking individualised attention or an experienced practitioner looking to fine-tune your skills, these private sessions are tailored just for you.

Discover your true potential

Personal Consulting

Feeling stuck in a personal or family rut? It’s common, but change is possible. Sridhar offers personalised one-on-one sessions to address your struggles.

He listens attentively and offers fresh perspectives to shift energy patterns.

Benefit from his experience and wisdom to navigate life’s challenges. He will offer a completely different approach to your issue based on his many years as a energy coach and therapist.

2 sessions of 90 minutes each. The first session will be preceded by a brief questionnaire to understand your issue.

INR 4999

Total Energy Makeover

The Total Energy Makeover (TEM) programme is an intense and indepth 4-week course aimed at correcting your energy imbalances which Sridhar does through the prism of his Signature Course, Personal Energy Management.

He will take you through a process of in-depth energy cleansing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – to enable you to experience a distinct energy shift.

When that happens, you will see the world from a renewed, rejuvenated perspective – and that will a direct result of the positive energy flow in you!

4 weeks

INR 19999

Coaching in content creation

With over three decades of experience in media, including extensive journalism coaching, Sridhar stands out as a seasoned professional. As a columnist contributing to five distinct columns in The Times of India group and the author of two published books, he possesses a unique expertise that makes him an ideal mentor to help you discover and enhance your writing skills.

Executive Ghostwriting

Exclusive ghostwriting and research editing services for heads of organisations, founders, CEOs, professors and professionals to explore untapped potential within

Content Creator Programme

Most people are good in English but are not confident of their writing abilities. This course will get you on the path to multi-figure incomes as a content creator.

Live sessions

About Sridhar

Affectionately dubbed the ‘Energy Guru’ by his students and friends, he is the driving force behind Energenie Academy.

With over three decades of expertise in writing, media, energy management, and holistic healing, he provides a unique perspective on helping people by re-energising themselves through effective communication skills and energy management. His acclaimed course, Personal Energy Management (PEM)®, initiated in 2004, has drawn thousands of participants.

He has authored two books on Personal Energy Management®, one of which was among the Top 100 on Amazon Kindle in the mind-body category. In 2001, he founded Connect-Ticket®, a global healing network, and in 2007, co-founded the popular ‘Only Good News‘ Facebook group. 

As a sought-after Executive Ghostwriter, he has ghostwritten several articles and books for heads of organisations, B-School professors, and industry professionals, providing them with cutting-edge research to help them with their projects.

He is a popular mentor for students, and coaches them in journalism. He also does customised energy management workshops for corporates and teachers. 

He loves to think outside the box, and in his free time, he tends to his garden and indulges in his passion for drawing, creating comic strips, singing, punning, and painting. 

Based in Mumbai, India, he lives a holistic life with his mother, wife Chithra, and daughter Sahana.

His life's work

Nabhi Correction

Experiments with energy

The year was 1987. An ailment that apparently had no cure, spurred him to walk the spirituality path to find a cure. 

CT meeting

The Connect-Ticket® story

We are interdependent, always taking the help of someone or something. Therefore, we must give back to society as well.

Sridhar at The Times of India

As a Newspaper Editor

Sridhar has over three decades of experience in niche journalism, much of it with The Times of India where he worked as Senior Editor.

The Journo Journey

As a Mentor and Teacher

Investigating the GenZ mindset for a newspaper assignment paved the way for Sridhar to delve into mentoring and teaching journalism.

R Sridhar with James Clawson

As Executive Ghostwriter

Sridhar is empanelled with Columbia Business School, and is highly regarded as an Executive Ghostwriter and Research Editor.

Live sessions

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One of the most exciting things about coaching is the buzz you get when you push out of your comfort zone, come up with a plan and put it into action! Life takes on a whole new meaning as you re-create your life the way you want it

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