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Connect-Ticket or CT as we call it, is a powerful forum of do-gooders who believe in the power of group energy. It was started with the intention that when many people pray for a situation together, wishing for its highest good, a shift happens. When one person knocks at the door, someone may not hear. But when many people knock and knock loudly, the door is bound to open. This is a story about human goodness, about hope, about newfound friendships, and the astonishing power of collective prayer. Just as our survival is dependent on our community and the world’s resources, energy will be balanced when we give back as well.

About the group

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CT started as a newspaper column

Connect-Ticket (CT) was the name of a newspaper column that Sridhar wrote for the Bombay Times newspaper belonging to The Times of India group. It started in 1999 and ran for two years. Sridhar aimed to connect citizens through a newspaper column, offering a platform for people to express their goodwill without legal complications.

Harnessing group energy

Unlike typical columns, Connect-Ticket sought to leverage a newspaper’s reach to catalyse a mass movement, channelling the collective energy of readers to assist individuals facing challenges. The goal was to establish an ‘energy bank,’ allowing contributions to be deposited and withdrawn when necessary.

Optimising a newspaper's reach

In contrast to conventional columns, Connect-Ticket aimed to utilise the extensive readership of a newspaper to spark a widespread movement, channelling the collective energy of readers to aid those confronting challenges.

CT meeting

Experience powerful CT meetings

So, with loads of people reaching out, he and his wife, Chithra, decided to formalise things. They gathered around 35 people at a temple in Mumbai, and voila! Connect-Ticket, the prayer group, was born on July 29, 2001. It quickly went online with an egroup, drawing members from all over. Mumbai locals began meeting every other Sunday at the  temple, spending a cool 3 hours sending out positive vibes through prayers for those in need.

The group became global

Meetings soon expanded beyond Mumbai to members’ homes in various cities. CT’s membership grew globally, with participants from India, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Peru, UK, Nigeria, and more. CT gatherings are a delightful mix of bonding, prayer, listening, healing, creative visualization, food, and friendship. These high-energy events also contribute to cleansing the energy of the host’s home.

Connect-Ticket food donation programmes

CT Events

CT events, conceived as expansive gatherings for potent healing, commenced in 2011 to mark a decade of CT’s existence. Two more followed in the subsequent years, each centered around distinct themes. Beyond musical nights, these events feature sessions engaging the audience’s energy through impactful creative visualization, donations, recognition of commendable citizens, and active audience participation.

CT Food Donation Programmes

CT members have helped fund food distribution programmes that are held at several hospitals like Sion, KEM, Tata Memorial and JJ. We sponsor a one-time meal and visit the premises to serve it to the patients’ caretakers. 


CTzens talk about why they find this group a family outside family

Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan Singer, Composer

Connect-Ticket is such a wonderful thought. I think the concept of group prayers and the concept of collectively wishing well for others definitely works and I wish I am able to be part of it more.

Chintoo Bhosale
Chintoo Bhosle Singer, Performer

I have had the pleasure to perform at the Connect-TIcket Energy Mehfil, and I have to say, while most people just theorise about spreading happiness, these guys actually do it! It was truly incredible!

Kainaz Motivala
Kainaz Motivala Actor & Model

Joining the Connect-Ticket group was one of the better decisions of my life. Here, I met so many wonderful people who believe in the power of prayer to heal others - most of whom they don't even know!

Lisa Rego
Lisa Rego Artist

I attribute many major healings in my life to Connect-Ticket and the members' collective positive energies directed towards the person or situation.

Dipesh Tank Award-winning activist

There are a million good things about Connect-Ticket but one thing stands out - this group will never ever leave you alone. We laugh, cry, hug, jump, encourage, debate, party, pray and never give up!

Dazy Verma Social media whiz

Connect-Ticket is one of the most beautiful miracles to have happened in my life. I owe so much of my spiritual knowledge and general goodness in life to this selfless group of people

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