Ever since I seriously started my spiritual journey about 36 years ago, epiphanies have been my beacon, my guiding lights that sprung out of nowhere during deep moments of meditation. They have presented me with amazing insights into how the Universe works, and provided me roadmaps to achieve my goals and also to experiment with energy to understand reality better.

When I was in my 20s, I was afflicted with an ailment that doctors said was incurable. I was put on heavy medication; restrictions were imposed upon my lifestyle and basically everything that a 20-ish-year-old would have loved to do was beyond limits. Moreover, doctors did not give me any hope of a cure.

I was frustrated and depressed, and found succour in long hours of meditation. It was in one of those meditation sessions that I got one of the many epiphanies that changed my life and the way I thought. I was ‘guided’ on how I should concentrate on ‘inviting my cure to come to me.’ “Speak to your cure,” that inner voice said. “The Universe exists in a state of balance. If there is an ailment, there has to be a cure. So just invite it. Also, speak to the body part causing you discomfort. Get friendly with it, and it will help you cure itself.”

I did that religiously and just as the epiphany had said, I met with an accident in rural Maharashtra and that accident cured me of my ailment. Which means that my cure came in the form of an accident! That was my learning: cures can come in any form, and we must be open to receiving them.

Today, I teach this technique in my Personal Energy Management workshops.

My second major epiphany happened when I was in my Reiki workshop. I was doing the group Reiki session where about 4–5 therapists treated one patient. Healing is faster in such group sessions. I got an epiphany that said “If 4-5 therapists’ energy can result in a faster healing of one person, imagine the level of healing if you can get the entire city to pray for one person.”

I was a journalist with The Times of India then, and felt that if I were to be granted a column where I could print people’s prayer requests (with their permission, of course) and then ask the readers of the paper to just say a prayer for the person/s posting the requests, wouldn’t that result in instantaneous healing? The group energy of an entire city pouring into one person?

My newspaper’s management agreed with this radical concept and granted me the column in Bombay Times. I called it ‘Connect-Ticket’ because it was a ‘ticket’ to get ‘connected’ and soon enough, we witnessed miraculous healings—cases where the doctors had given up. It was incredible and presented a huge learning experience for me in the way energy functions.

The numerous readers of the column then grouped together to form the Connect-Ticket group in 2001, which, till date, is going strong and has members from all over the world. The genesis of Connect-Ticket happened in a moment of epiphany, thus proving that an epiphany is not our mind playing tricks. It’s a vaani, which is what I call it, that comes from a source beyond our body and mind.

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