Does this scenario resonate with you? You endure a gruelling workday, and your homeward journey is taking forever. You feel sweaty and dirty and to compound matters, you have errands to run. To add to your woes, there’s no transportation in sight, forcing you to walk home. Your mood plummets, leaving you drained, and the world seems like a relentless nightmare.

Then, magic takes place. When you arrive home, your child rushes to embrace you. A toothless grin, a warm hug, joyous shrieks and a tender kiss suddenly rejuvenate you! The sweat and grime become inconsequential, and your weary soul feels new again!

You’ve just experienced the therapeutic power of a child. Children are the most spiritually and emotionally powerful individuals on Earth. Have you observed the attention a wailing child commands? Parents, grandparents, and caregivers all strive to comfort them. Conversely, when a toddler smiles, the world joins in the joyous moment. When they babble, we do too. When they wave their tiny hands, we wave our hands too, going to great lengths to make them smile, even if it means looking foolish. Would we behave this way under normal circumstances? Probably not. But in the presence of a child, everything feels right.

What empowers children in such a remarkable way? The answer lies in their aura. An infant’s aura is bright and pure, except when they are unwell. This could be because, for a while, a baby retains the blessings of angels who assisted in their birth. This powerful involvement of angelic forces during childbirth makes it a captivating experience of consciousness.

Children naturally perceive auras. Observe a baby. It will try to look at the area around your head and check out your aura. If it dislikes the colour of your aura or if it finds it different from its parents, it will cry, and no degree of cooing and cajoling will help there. It loses this ability as it grows up.

Human auras reflect our moods, attitudes, thoughts, and health, and these are largely influenced by our ego. When ego is absent, auras remain pure. A strong aura attracts and purifies those it touches. People flock to spiritually evolved individuals precisely for this reason. The latter’s powerful auras help in the healing process of their devotees.

Children are egoless. To them, a 100-rupee toy holds the same value as a sand ball. They don’t distinguish between “beautiful” and “ugly,” fair and dark. Their memory is fleeting; you may have caused it to cry today, but today’s tears are forgotten and forgiven tomorrow.

Furthermore, children possess remarkable psychic abilities. To experience this, focus on your third eye or Ajna chakra while with a baby and communicate with it. You’ll be astounded by their responsiveness.

Babies often reside in the highly creative theta state, where shapes serve as their primary language. They interpret straight lines, stripes, and objects as fangs and claws. Curves or circles resemble a mother’s breast. That explains their affinity for balls, ducklings and bunnies – all curves and harmless.

When a child smiles in its sleep, it is said it is communicating with God. Therefore, it’s accurate to describe a child as spiritually evolved and seeking blessings from a newborn child, much like from elders, is perfectly valid. In many ways, the elderly and toddlers share similarities. They both require support, are close to God, and lack ego.

Hence, both groups serve as excellent vessels for healing. Try it out. When you’re feeling low, spend time with children. Alternatively, seek the company of the elderly. Both provide profoundly healing experiences.

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