Mastering personal energy

is the secret to better living

The world needs your energy and we want to help you make a difference. Our powerful Personal Energy Management program can help you reset, rejuvenate and recalibrate your energy to transform the way you vibe!

Tree of life

Master your life's secret energy algorithm

Your thought begins it.
Your emotion amplifies it.
Your action gives it momentum.

Personal Energy Management® (PEM) is the art and science of knowing oneself better in terms of energy, frequency and wavelength. Acquiring this skill will enable you to manage yourself by understanding how your energy functions, how it flows in your body and how to increase and optimise it to keep stress at bay. PEM is about understanding spirituality in terms of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and, in the process, answering many questions related to tradition, culture, and rituals. 

Does this resonate?

All these symptoms stem from an inability to communicate with yourself and the world around you. It creates energy blocks and prevents your energy from flowing beautifully.

  • "My energy is so low that I don't feel like doing anything.

    Hey, we all have those low-energy days, right? Just a reminder: you can change everything by learning to manage your energy!

  • "My health has been a concern. Diagnostic tests don't reveal anything."

    Worried about your health? Even if diagnostic tests don't show anything, Personal Energy Management can offer you a new perspective.

  • "I wish for more wealth, but God doesn't hear me."

    Money is a manifestation of energy, and attracting wealth has a lot to do with how you are programmed inside.

  • "My relationships suck; I am not able to get along with anyone."

    Struggling with relationships? Managing your energy could offer insights into improving connections and fostering better interactions with others.

  • "My career's going nowhere. I don't know how to handle my toxic workplace."

    Career stagnating? Unsure how to navigate a toxic work environment? Discover how managing your energy can offer solutions and empowerment.

  • "Do I need to believe in a God to be spiritual?"

    Spirituality is about understanding the electromagnetic forces that are operating within and outside you. These forces are given different names, one of them being God.

Why you should keep moving your energy

Mental movement


Physical Movement


emotional movement




If you want to feel energetic, you need to ensure your energy is constantly moving – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Stagnant energy gives rise to disease, stress, frustration, a feel of getting stuck, obesity, clutter and inertia.

How Personal Energy Management® will help


Understand your  programs, balance your chakras and aura, to boost your energy.


When you understand the language of frequency, it's easy to analyse other's energy.


The earth's energy rules over us, and it is necessary to know how to pulsate with the earth


Understand your  programs, balance your chakras and aura, to boost your energy.


Relationship issues occur at the navel. Learn how to heal them using the Dan Tien technique.


Understand how to attract wealth by aligning your frequency

Who should learn PEM?

Students, professionals, parents, seekers—anyone seeking balance and vitality. If you crave resilience, productivity, joy, and are curious about rituals, tradition, practices, ancient wisdom, the science of spirituality, and searching for your life purpose, this course is for you. Learn to navigate life’s challenges with grace and unlock your limitless potential.

Start Your Energy Journey Here

UPG College

PEM For Individuals

Learn to align your frequency, correct your breathing, analyse chakras, learn dowsing and conquer clutter.
Lilavatibai Podar School

PEM For Business

Transform your organisation's energy through customised programmes for employees and teaching faculty.
St Paul's Institute of Media Studies

Student Mentoring

Students face enormous energy fluctuations, resulting in stress and fear. PEM can help empower themselves.
Personal Coaching Session for individuals

Personal Coaching

Get a Total Energy Makeover by identifying your energy blocks and healing them to live a better life..


Mockup of Personal Energy Management Kindle Ebook

This Amazon Kindle bestseller, that ranked in the top 100 in the Paid Category, teaches the basics of our electromagnetic nature and harnessing Earth’s healing power.

This programmed book guides you to still your mind, think of a question, and randomly open a chapter for answers—it’s magical and beautifully effective.

Mockup of Connect-Ticket book cover


Connect-Ticket group


This is a beautiful support group that believes and harnesses the power of group prayers to heal.




Check out Sridhar's writings, tips and techniques on Personal Energy Management and about the science of spirituality.


A few words of appreciation from those who have experienced the Energenie Ecosystem

Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan Singer, Music Composer

This is such a wonderful thought. As a musician, I can understand the role energy plays because music is all about frequency. I think the concept of harnessing group prayers and collectively wishing well for others definitely works, and I wish I could be part of it more.

Shailendra Jain
Prof. Shailendra Pratap Jain Bret Wheat Endowed Professor of Marketing & International Business, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Sridhar was the Research Editor for my book project. Our association was characterised by a high level of competence and professionalism, making the collaboration a rewarding experience.

Dr Michel Tuan Phan
Prof. Michel Tuan Pham Kravis Professor of Business, Columbia Business School

Sridhar helped me research and develop short case studies for my business-oriented book. I have found his assistance, writing, and work products to be excellent. He was very efficient at submitting well-crafted drafts at short notice, and was very responsive to my feedback.

Ishita Moitra
Ishita Moitra Filmfare award-winning scriptwriter

This workshop has truly been a gift that just keeps giving. I found it insightful, engaging, and easy to follow, Sridhar’s energy management techniques are a blessing in today’s post pandemic world. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to understand energy.

Kainaz Motivala
Kainaz Motivala Actor, Model

Joining the Connect-Ticket group was one of the better decisions of my life. Here, I met so many wonderful people who believe in the power of prayer to heal others - most of whom they don't even know! That I feel, is amazing in today's age.

Medha Gadgil
Medha Gadgil IAS (R), Government of Maharashtra

I attended the ‘clutter clinic’ and found it very useful in helping me prioritize the important aspects at work and at home. I got greater clarity in my thoughts and was able to separate the essential tasks and items from the non-essential ones. I also noticed a positive change in my efficiency.

Vikesh Wallia
Vikesh Wallia Ex-Board Director, Times Group | Managing Director, Board Stewardship Inc.

R Sridhar is a great asset in converting in idea in to book ! He is excellent at developing the idea, research, shaping up content and making him part of my book project was a huge comfort to me to stay focussed the core of idea !

Shiraz Siddiqui
Shiraz & Nida Siddiqui Founders, VIrtus

Sridhar helped edit my book so effectively and seamlessly that it felt he actually shared this journey with me. He has been incredibly patient and understanding with us, and guided us to turn these thoughts into words in this beautiful book.

Sarika Ravindran
Sarika Ravindran Journalist, Singer

If you're looking at a starter life program on how to reorient your thinking towards success, relationships or if you seek to elevate the quality of your thought to become a better, more self actualised, creative person, this program is for you to explore and experience.

Chintoo Bhosale
Chintoo Bhosle Singer, Performer

I have had the pleasure to perform at the Connect-TIcket Energy Mehfil, and I have to say, while most people just theorise about spreading happiness, these guys actually do it! It was truly incredible that in today's day and age, this approach exists.

Siddharth Mathur
Siddharth Mathur Co-Founder & Director, NASCA LLP

Sridhar's leadership at NASCA has been transformative. Instrumental in amplifying the voice of the STEM education sector, he curated newsletters that became a pivotal platform for esteemed academicians worldwide to exchange insights on STEM pedagogy and its holistic impact on student education. .

Esha Mookerji Dutta
Esha Mookhejee-Dutta Writer, Artist

The decluttering workshop was deeply insightful, and a very enlightening and productive journey, as we understood the science behind the decluttering activity, before diving into the processes and the shift in perspective required to undertake such a project.

Shweta Shukla
Shweta Shukla Human Resources Business Partner, Mastercard

Personal Energy Management is a wonderful energy awareness and management workshop. The exercises and tools given during the course increase self-reflection and awareness and encourage participation to explore and experiment to learn about energy.

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics


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