From increased confidence, maintaining a sense of equilibrium when dealing with difficult situations and being able to speak up for yourself to becoming strong and independent – participants of Personal Energy Management workshops have experienced it all.

Besides learning how to heal relationships or heal themselves  or even others, they got into a position to safeguard and conserve your energy and more significantly know how to utilise energy in a proper way. Not forgetting to mention the huge shift in thinking that they experienced that’ll make you understand and made them look at everything in terms of ‘energy’ and ‘energy movements’.

Payal Talwar

Write a letter to your unborn child

PAYAL TALWAR, Content Writer and Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner, talks about her experience with Personal Energy Management and how it helped answer some questions of a deeply personal nature.

“Write a letter to your unborn child,” said Sridhar, when I narrated the incident about my ectopic pregnancy. I was taken aback when he suggested that. For days, I mulled over the thought. Why? What’s the point? Should I?

Finally, I wrote the letter to OMKabir – that’s what I had decided to name the baby if it was a boy. I wrote, and wrote, tears scrolling down my face and I wept a lot, the pen ink wetting the paper. With a deep breath, I tore the letter to pieces and sighed heavily but feeling lighter in the head.

 I didn’t understand it then but months later, I realised that Sridhar (Sriji, as I address him) was trying to change my energy pattern – a stagnant pattern of energy to a receiving energy pattern. And that’s what Sriji does best – the tools and techniques imparted in the workshop change your frequency and you begin to lead a life full of awareness. You look at life with a transformed and different perspective.

The PEM workshop is a result of his knowledge and deep study into the subject of personal energy management where he has played an integral role in shaping scores of lives including mine.

The energy tips I heard at the workshop were something I had never heard before! I repeated a few of the workshops (the repeaters are not charged, btw!) and learnt new insights each time – the more I applied the techniques, the better my life became! 

The above suggestion was given to me post the workshop during a conversation. So his support extends even post the workshop is over. The more you wish to recalibrate your life, the more energy insights you will receive. He actually walks with you till you reach a point of transformation.

I was into the profession of teaching way back then. Today I am in the space of holistic healing myself. His energy tips not only guide me but have become the guiding path for my clients too!

Mousumi Saha Biswas

My Yin Yang energy needed a balance

MOUSUMI SAHA BISWAS, Director, Ernst & Young, underwent a Total Energy Makeover course and didn’t realise she had so many emotions locked up. Her release from that stagnant energy opened her up to newer opportunities and a calmness that wasn’t there before.

I am a person who listens to gut feelings than logical thinking. I did a personal relationship mentorship programme with Sridhar in 2018 last quarter . When I heard about how he would be doing the 1-on-1 session, I realized it would shred my old pattern and empower me to enter the new year as Mousumi 2.0. Yet i never knew what would come up and where it would take me. I knew that I would move the needle of my energy for sure.

The beginning: I had read the requirements very clearly, and once the course rolled, there was no looking back, I was clearly drawn to the complete process and never had an iota of doubt about my mentor. I responded to all the questions deeply looking within and brought my innermost feelings and thoughts out on paper.

After every question, I had to pause. It was very exhausting and emotionally draining.

The process: My Yin Yang energy clearly needed a balance. My mentor’s guidance kicked off. In this period, there were moments when I wanted to give up because the process and exercises were stirring a storm within me – buried emotions were coming to the surface. My shadow was overpowering my being. I experienced enormous physical discomfort in the form of high fever , flu and coughs.

However, despite this, within me there was immense stillness which i never knew I had. I continued my exercises that was given and boom one day, the energy just flowed!

The energy within me that was shenpa became a Rigpa (Shenpa is sticky whereas Rigpa is Sky like openness). After many years of bookish knowledge, I closely experience first-hand how energy can only be transmuted from one form to another. It can never go away or vanish. I continue to practise some of those exercises and keep learning.

Changes in my life: Soon I was offered a role which many in my industry dream about. It was my dream too. I never knew how to deal with that kind of offer until I actually received it. It sparked a new realization within me –  you need not know the how; you only have to clear the now. In my own poetic way, I always tell myself – all my prayers are always answered immediately and instantly, This thought keeps hovering over me all the time.

I was happy for the change in my profession. In my personal life however, my relationships were not that smooth. My parents underwent a series of health issues. What transpired within me then is something that on retrospect I realise is the power of energy. I became extremely calm, focused and absolutely living in the moment without fear. 

The result? Complete strangers supported me. I could avail of the services of the best hospitals and doctors – everything happened with so much ease. Even the arrangement of finances happened without any particular planning. It’s Alchemy; I just asked and I had received.

A lot of change did happen around other relationships – friendships, colleagues and new teaching and teachers. The embracing and inclusion of this energy was not easy because going back to the old pattern was always an option. Yet I chose to move ahead and create a better me.

My career is moving in the direction for my highest good. My new version is experiencing the new me and my future me is eager waiting with openness.  

The single lesson I learnt was I cannot change anyone except myself as everything around me is my reflection. I am ever grateful to Sridhar for being the guide , the inner Google to know yourself in your own way at your own pace.

Sudha Ramaswamy

How I was healed post a dacoity

SUDHA RAMASWAMY, Journalist and Writer, recovered after a traumatic experience in Nigeria where she was robbed by 10 armed robbers. She narrates how the healing powers of the Connect-Ticket group helped her recover from this extremely difficult episode.

Some years back, I was the victim of a massive armed robbery attack on me in Nigeria with around ten armed robbers wielding guns at me in the darkness of midnight in the most dangerous of all places. An incident that took away from me not just our Honda car but also a whole lot of precious treasures as in highly prized, valuable paintings and even more that lay in suitcases in the boot of our car. An attack that had me reeling under shock, traumatised and lying in bed for days without being able to move or even move on in life.

I called up Sridhar the next day since I have known him for more than a decade. It was then that I personally experienced the enormous healing energy initiated by Sridhar and his global ‘Connect Ticket’ group. And this, while he was sitting in Mumbai, India and me sitting in Nigeria. Can energy travel across the seven seas and so fast at that? And actually heal?

Yes, energy can travel across the universe when harnessed, channelised and sent across from one to another. For me, there’s no one else in this world who has understood, churned and demystified the world of energy as much as Sridhar and I would call him the only expert so far on Personal Energy Management.

I recovered after some months but preferred to return to India and settle in Pune. There I had the opportunity to participate in Sridhar’s PEM workshop. And boy, I was transformed! It gave me insights into many different aspects and dimensions of energy and energy healing – each one bringing with it a distinctive unique experiential learning.

Post the workshop, I have gained immensely by thinking and analysing everything in terms of energy movements. It makes life that much more simple.

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