Personal Energy Management

Are you facing these situations?

  • You are stressed, fatigued and looking for ways to increase your energy.

  • Health is a concern. You wish you could take your health in your hands and get in control over your mind-body system.

  • There are so many career choices that you don’t know which one is appropriate for you based on your personality.

  • You wish to know yourself better. Why do you feel so many emotions? What are psychosomatic ailments? How should you heal yourself?

  • What is the secret of the Universe? What is there in it that you haven’t yet understood?

  • What is your purpose in life? Are you on your that path? If not, how should I get on it?

  • Job loss, insecurity, this hopelessness – how should you deal with them?

All these questions deal with your energy. The way you feel at any given point depends on how well energy is flowing in you. Some people are good energy managers; some are not. Their ability or inability to ‘manage’ their energy will determine how good or bad a life they lead.

When you start understanding yourself as an energy body, you will realise how you are just an electromagnetic being. Your body generates electricity and magnetism – which is what creates the ‘vibes’, frequencies, wavelengths, intuitive feelings, telepathy, sixth sense and the “I just know it” feelings.


What is Personal Energy Management?

Personal Energy Management (PEM) is the art and science of knowing yourself in terms of vibrations, frequencies and wavelengths. It is about decoding everything – yourself, your relationships, career, wealth, health, education, knowledge, opportunities, purpose, spirituality, religion, rituals and the way you have created your world.

It is about learning and speaking the language of the Universe. Remember, the Universe is made up of pulsations and it does not speak English. You, therefore, need to learn its language if you want the Universe to work for you.

How you will benefit

PEM can heal you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, simply because you start to understand your body and mind better. You begin to connect the dots, understand how breath creates your frequency, and how that frequency is creating your world. If you want to change your reality, it’s simple, just change the way you breathe.

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Know yourself better

How much do you know yourself and the way your body works for you? Hardly isn’t it? PEM helps you to understand yourself in terms of frequency, vibrations and wavelengths. It will provide you a completely different perspective to health, wealth, career, success and purpose in life. 

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Heal relationships

Do you suffer from bad relationships? Why do they go bad in the first place? Is it to do with energy? Yes. PEM helps because when you understand everything in terms of frequencies, you will be able to understand how to correct the frequency imbalances in your relationships.


Way to more wealth

How much money do you want in life? Are you clear about it? If you get that money, will you be able to manage it? Money is after all, energy, and when you don’t manage energy, it starts to manage you. When you start seeing money as a frequency and not as notes, your approach towards wealth will change. 

Which career to choose

Students often don’t know which career to choose and end up in wrong career choices which wastes their productive years. This will not happen if you know yourself better. Are you right-brained or left-brained? What is your core nature? Which stream improves your frequency and which doesn’t.


How you live in 4 worlds

We don’t live in one world; we live in four. Your inner world, the world you create for yourself, the outer world which is the earth and the last one being the Universe, which takes care of all these three worlds. If you want to be healthy, you need to know the secrets about how these worlds are inter-connected. 

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Follow your Ikigai

Do you know your purpose in life? The Japanese have a term for that – Ikigai – which means the “reason for getting up in the morning.” When you start knowing your energy better, you will be in a better position to know why you are on Earth and what is your larger purpose in life that will give maximum happiness? 


Tales of Transformation

Numerous participants of PEM workshops and members of Connect-Ticket have experienced incredible transformations in life when they changed their energy patterns and starting to live life the ‘energy’ way!

From increased confidence, maintaining a sense of equilibrium when dealing with difficult situations and being able to speak up for yourself to becoming strong and independent – they experienced it all.

Besides learning how to heal relationships or heal themselves  or even others, they got into a position to safeguard and conserve your energy and more significantly know how to utilise energy in a proper way. Not forgetting to mention the huge shift in thinking that they experienced that’ll make you understand and made them look at everything in terms of ‘energy’ and ‘energy movements’.

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